Summary of the Term

       Begining the course with a motto, “Technology is a must for educators. They cannot neglect its existence in order to teach sth. especially English in the classrooms.” As many of people, maybe educators, or prospective ones, I would know this reality before. I would feel deeply in my side. There is no doubt that the love of technology has canalized me to think and feel these feelings. However, these things that I said are not enough to make your wishes real. Then, How could you achieve? You know well the reality of that technology may help you, but you don’t know how to do it, or you know that you know.

Come on. 

There are no “knowns”. 

There are a little things that we know, but there are many things that we know about the technology.

 I started the course with an expectation “I am not full, I need more. I’ll fulfil myself about that.” When thinking extensively about the sentence, everybody can show my confidence. I think this is a bit prejudice for the course just like “Actually I know..” Yes, I would know, but know what? Typing in Words, writing some formulas and calculate my marks in Excel? Creating a presentation via Powerpoint? We know what? 

Moreover, just having a bit knowledge is enough for our fields, educational purposes? How can you benefit from those kind of old-fashion tools? In real, we like using technology, we know the necessity of it. Is it enough? Unfortunately, It is not.

Here I just want to confess that before the course, I’d know nothing. If I never had have this course before, I could not have been a modern teacher. Just teaching grammar by using blackboard, or at the most using Word to improve writing skill. What about the others? Listening, speaking, reading…? 

Fortunately, I know many tools to teach English effectively now. I can even create a website. What else do a student want from a CALL course? Beginning the course with a prejudice like “Again Word, Excel, maximum making storytelling videos.” and now many things that I have. 

Furthermore, the scales fell from my eyes. Teaching and making the lessons amusing by using the tools for each skills is very easy for me now. Because I also learnt thinking critically. To develop “Writing Skill”. How can I overcome? Storyjumper, Pbwork (group writing), etc. are the examples that I count now. And more.

To sum up, I have just realized I’d not know anything. Knowing how to use the technology effectively in classrooms is not knowing how to type in Word or Excel. Thanks to this course, I found a chance to fulfill my technological side. I learnt how to adapt the tools I know. It met my expectations well. Actually my expectations would were nothing beside I learnt. 🙂  (At last I finished this course running, not creepily. )

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Impressions of the Twelfth Week

This is my last weekly reflection for CALL course. Firstly, I had nice lessons in this course. I improved myself in the field of technology, learnt different tools for teaching English effectively and studied hard for some tasks, reflections, etc.

Secondly, I learnt the reality of being a real teacher, how to be true teacher. Anyone can be teacher after graduating from the Department of English Language, getting a diploma at the end of the 4 years, learning (actually passing the exams) the techniques, approaches for teaching English, special teaching methods, etc. The diploma or the transcript says that you’ve learnt all of them. Who can oppose that?

Thirdly, I learnt how to write “twelfth” in this course. Before I started to write weekly reflection, I had gone to “Tureng” website. I checked the writing of “12th” in online dictionary, Tureng. Believe or not, I don’t yield by advertising 🙂 Anyway, I’d write “twelveth or twelvth”. I have never written “12th” in letters. Then I realised that It should have been “Twelfth”. Here I don’t give you any message. Just know that someday you may need to write “12th” in letter. 🙂

To sum up, this course was the most useful course in this term. It completed and made me feel real teacher. The tools that I learnt are the base of my future students’ future. I believe it. I should thank to my teacher, “Sedat hoca”. During the term, lessons, he helped us so much. He re-told the topics, answered our questions mulishly. In my opinion, he is full as a teacher, a man, a fan of FB. I believe that many students created a vision thanks to him. Unfortunately, this was the first and the last course for me given by Sedat hoca. I wish I had more courses given by him.

By the way, this week I learnt creating a website by using “Weebly”. This is also our final project. We are going to create a website and fulfil with what we made,prepared,wrote for this course.

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Impressions of the Eleventh Week (Podcasts)

This week, we studied on the Podcats. What’s Podcat? Pod comes from IPod, and Cast comes from Broadcast. Pod + Cast = Podcast.

It is a type of digital medya that you can upload and download the audios through computer and mobile devices. There are many websites offering podcasts. You are busy and you don’t have any time to listen the news. You can enter the website and listen the programme. Yet, the audio should be uploaded by the officers. You want to improve your listening skill, you can do it by these kind of podcasts. I think, these podcasts should be used for many educational purposes. Especially, it’s good for students and instructors to make a speaking and listening project  A student might prepare a brief podcast as a summary of an essay. This tool is also free, so anyone can use easily.

What’s the benefits of the podcasts?

1. To develop 4 skills (writing, reading,listening,speaking,)

2. To get specific information

3. To encourage students’ participation

4. To make students’ motivation higher

5. To attract student’s interests

6. To make the learning amusing.

Now, I want to give a web site for creating and publishing the podcasts.

This is the link :

You can prepare a podcast and categorize it.

After a tiring term, we come to last days.I want to talk a bit about this course. I think CALL course enhances our efficiency to use the technology on education fields. I learn interesting and useful tools in this course every week. This week, I learnt some key points about Podcats.

As I always say, we are prospective teachers, so we should improve ourselves, be different in the classroom and use attractive ways to teach English. Just studying on the grammar cannot be true way or giving the rules, Subject + Verb + Object does not work well in language classes. We should try to teach English in all ways. Writing, listening, reading and speaking skills are the important parts in teaching English. However, it’s not enough to be aware of this. You should make it real, find the true path.

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Impressions of the Tenth Week (Digital Storytelling)

This week, we studied on the digital storytelling tools. How can we make a video about story-telling, which tools are suitable for this work? 

Actually, one of them is so familiar with us. I think many people have made a video by “movie maker” at least once in their lives. It’s so easy. At first, you gather all pictures, videos, materials whatever you need, then you put them in the “movie maker” tool, order the pictures, text and fix the video, or music.. That’s all. The digital story has been created in a few minutes. But if you want to make a video by using movie maker, firstly you need to have it on your computer. If you don’t have, then you should download it. Finding this tool in the internet is so easy. Write “movie maker” or “windows live movie maker” and search it. If you wish people can watch this awesome video, then you can share it on a blog. Blogger and WordPress are the best known. I put my story in my blogger account. You can visit and watch it. You will like 🙂 Here the link : (

If you are bored with this kind of unfashionable tool, then you can use “storyjumper” tool. It’s an online tool that makes creative writing fun for kids. This tool is very useful for students, kids. Students can create their own story books and publish them. They can also access stories. By using this tool, they can improve their writing skills and creavities.

The usage of this tool is easy as movie maker. However, story jumper gives you lots of material aids such as photos, props,scene, etc. Let’s see how it works step by step:

1. Create from scratch

2. Add a scene

3. Add props

4. Add text

5. Save your story

6. Publish

And if you want to get this book, you should pay.

Here is my storyjumper work : (

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Impressions of the Ninth Week

         The topic that I’m going to mention about is so familiar to us in our daily lives. We go to our bed and wake up with them. We make contact our friends, even find them after many years via these terrifical tools. We celebrate our friends’, relatives’, colleagues’ birthdays.. We find a chance to see special photos, videos of these people, and share them with other people. We even play being journalist, politician, sports player.. Actually we behave in many roles. This is small life of us. This is social network. I think it’s not difficult to guess. Facebook, Twitter.. These tools took part in our lives easily. Because it’s so easy to reach them. We can be together with a friend that we miss a lot by a click in virtual world. Surely there are many benefits of these tools. But how can we benefit from them for educational purposes. I don’t think that these are not for fun. Writing, sharing, posting just for affecting someone cannot be unique reason for its existence. There must be a reverse of the medal, and we must see it clearly. If we are educators, good ones, then we should integrate them into schools, and use them in effective way to communicate outside of the classroom. They should be utilized in schools by educators and students. 

This week, I don’t need to explain these tools that everyone knows in details. I know that everyone uses them. Yet, the key point here is to emphasize the power of social network on education. I hope we,all educators attach great importance to them.

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Impressions of the Eighth Week

This week, i did not attend the course. Yet, I heard something about the content of the lesson. It’s about online conference tools. While I was surfing in the internet, I gave an eye to our FB group, ELT CALL and coincidentally I encountered with a link sent by Sedat Teacher. I clicked it and entered the site in which people were online, and chatting. It’s WIZIQ. 

     Actually I could grap what’s happening there, but I could not join the online lesson as the students were writing, editing. I think that I’d be accepted to write,or edit by the administrator. But how? I don’t know how it could be. Next time, I will ask all what I missed. Because, It seems useful. I always support online lessons. 🙂 

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Impressions of the Seventh Week (Nicenet & Dokeos )

This week, I’m going to talk about “Nicenet” and “Dokeos“.

First of all, these are open source learning management systems. If you mention about E-learning, you never neglect those tools. Let’s start with ‘Nicenet‘.


As you can understand from the name, it’s a nice open source web-site which is used for educational purposes. Actually, It’s a free discussion forum that can be used by all educators, and a public classroom that many poeple create a topic, discuss about it, and reflect of their ideas.

This marvelous software has lots of features that make it precious and useful. Let’s put them in order.

  • Document Sharing 
  • Conferencing
  • Personal Messaging
  • Link Sharing etc.

I think that this software, web-site may be organised into classes as much as possible.

Now, let’s talk about ‘Dokeos‘. This is an open source e-learning like ‘Nicenet.’ Yet, It’s more userfriendly than it. I think this tool is like a dream come true. Many educators may give up using current software when they meet this wonderful e-learning tool. I really do not exaggerate anything. This is a virtual classroom in which students, teachers, even illiterate people are eager to use.


     Dokeos has lots features that make users affected easily. Now, I have a question as I always ask. What do you need in an e-learning enviroment? What do you expect from a tool that is open-source software?

I just give you some of them. The best, useful ones.

  • Online processing 
  • Quiz Templates
  • Discussion Forum
  • Assingment Tool
  • Dropbox Tool (Sharing files)
  • Gradebook Tool
  • Chat Tool
  • Private Groups, and so much more.

I claim that many schools will hand over their responsibilites to “e-learning”  thanks to these kind of tools. Contact me, when your students have their lessons at home. Believe me, It’s not so far.

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